Innovation of Advertise in Web 2.0 Era (English Version)

Some time ago in twitter had been a case of a trending topic (the term for word that are often written on twitter). Case of a student of government school in Indonesia. And now there is another story among web community involving ABG, which are where Dumin Ririn obsessed to became a star ads.
Ririn Dumin, so obsessed star ads in 20 days. And to support his obsession, he had to upload some videos story of his journey in He also used blog to achieve their dreams. And finally in 20 days, she managed to become a star for the first time ad.

But in this post, I saw some kind of “engineering” in the story. There are indications that the figure Ririn deliberately created by the advertiser to utilize web 2.0 era, where the user net can be shared and then with the supported force mouth of mouth, this ririn story boom. And that is what is expected by the Product advertiser it.

Why do I think there are “artificial” which I thought was very innovative and appropriate technological resources of this present era.
First, on-blog or on youtube, Ririn Dumin using the last name and first ad is an ad with the same brand. The question, which came before, product or video?? Here there is the possibility of pre-existing ads and then video was made as a support for the use of web 2.0 and the video is given additional name brand of the ad.

Second, blogs and youtube made in the not so different (almost simultaneously). The first video posting dated February 15, 2010 and the first blog post is dated January 18, 2010. This possible scenario is part of the ad.

However, if indications that i mentioned above are correct , I really applause to the ad because it understood correctly by the target state and the current market. And there will be many other innovations in line with the latest technological developments ..


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